Inner Spark


The Goyal Foundation’s Inner Spark programme offers FREE workshops to primary and secondary schools in disadvantaged areas to help develop pupils’ life skills and positive mindsets.

Our workshops are delivered by inspirational speakers and our partner organisations. The free workshops deliver a range of benefits and outcomes for children and young people, teachers and schools in promoting learning and development and meeting Ofsted criteria.

Please contact our Head of Programmes and Partnerships, Roxy Potts.



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Students Reached


Over the last two years we have reached 100,000 young people through our workshops in schools and through our partners. By 20230 we plan to reach one million young people.

Positive Mindset Workshops

In 2022 we held 47 free workshops in 24 schools reaching 4,670 students in disadvantaged communities (schools with higher than average rates of free school meals).

86% of students gave their workshop a top rating; 79% said it increased their confidence and self-belief; and 83% said it gave them a more positive outlook about their opportunities and future plans.

Our most popular workshop, HAPPINESS, is presented by the country’s fastest growing inspirational presenter, Jermaine Harris. Jermaine is training several other presenters to increase our reach. We also offer a range of other workshops – from yoga and meditation to addressing issues like dementia and menstrual education.

Our delivery partner for our workshops in schools is Working Options in Education. They promote our workshops, arrange sessions with presenters and schools, and gather feedback from students and teachers. They share our ambitions to reach more students in 2023 and beyond.

Jermaine Harris delivered an interactive, captivating and compelling session. He inspired and challenged the audience to tackle our ‘inner-critic’ and mobilise our ‘inner-coach’. Having seen other motivational speakers, Jermaine Harris resonates more with me and takes the audience on a personal journey by reflecting upon his own life in a profound way which results in a lifelong transformation and dream fulfilment through positive action and overcoming obstacles.”
Tutor, Tower Hamlets school
  • Making a big and lasting difference

  • Making a big and lasting difference

  • Making a big and lasting difference

  • Making a big and lasting difference

  • Making a big and lasting difference